The state of California is well known across the world for many reasons. It has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country and due to its incredible length, the coastline is also extremely diverse. From the warm sunny beaches in southern California that are frequently associated with San Diego, to the popular entertainment and fascinating beaches of LA all the way to the cool foggy Bay of San Francisco and beyond, the coastline and beaches are beautiful and diverse and span the western edge of the state. There are also some incredible five star hotels in California and many of them are located in the coastal cities.

San Diego is the most southern of the main costal cities in California. It is also known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the state and its even mild climate gives it paradise imagery for many people. There are plenty of opportunities for great water sports including scuba diving and surfing. A little further up the coast lies Los Angeles, and the surrounding cities such as Long Beach and Santa Monica. Meanwhile the popular beaches such as Venice Beach and the section known as Muscle Beach continues to attract numerous tourists every year.

Of course the beautiful city of San Francisco is the furthest north of these three main cities, and it is considerably further up the coast. The entire climate and atmosphere is strikingly different from the southern cities. And the summers here are surprisingly chilly to first timers who also are amazed at the almost daily fog covering that greats them in morning. The bay is highlighted by the Golden Gate Bridge and also the Bay Bridge , which are well known landmarks. Of course the city skyline is another famous aspect of this incredible city. And while the geography, climate and incredible beaches of these fabulous coastline California cities is amazing, it just begins to orient one to the nature of cities and doesn’t begin to cover the cultural heritage and incredible aspects of any of them.