Creative concept landscape. Live and dead tree
Creative concept landscape. Live and dead tree

The Various Causes of Environment Pollution


When there are harmful pollutants in the environment, it is referred as environmental pollution. It is that simple. The most well-known types of pollutants are water population, air population, noise population, thermal population light population and soil population. Environmental pollution is also as a result of gaseous emissions and deforestation. Since the last decade, there has been a rise in environmental pollution.

Living on Earth

All of us live on this planet called earth. It is the only one that we can actually live on where water and air are the essential sustenance to our lives. We could not exist on any other planet since there is not much oxygen and water that we so badly need to survive. In fact, on other planets, though debatable, there may not be any humans, plants or animals. As human beings, we need a balance for a healthy developed life.

Intelligent Creature

Man is an intelligent creature and we are always curious about finding out things we don’t know – at least most of us. In the search for knowledge, many love to explore the mysteries of the earth. For that reason, these excursions have taken man in places that should not be. However, for the sake of civilization, we have to explore and learn. That is how we grow and develop as humans. However, we need to use what we have learned in a positive way and not to harm the environment as some do.

Source and Origin

There are several sources and causations of environmental pollution. These include:

  •       Activities of industrial companies
  •       Smoke emission from vehicles
  •       Urbanization on a rapid pace
  •       Overgrowth of the population

While global industries were making a profit, inroads were made to accommodate the influx. Because of this, the ecological balances were disturbed. This consists of the swirling gases, thick smoke coming from buildings, no good method of waste disposal and scientific experiments, which all turned out to be health hazards of pollution and contaminants.

Vehicle Emission

When vehicles on the road are driving with emissions gas pouring out of the vehicle’s tail pipe, it is a health hazard. While officials try to keep it at a minimum, there are still people driving these unsanitary vehicles that pollute the environment. You will find yourself driving behind one such vehicle and are forced to wind up the windows for fear of it getting in your lungs.

Fast Urbanization

Fast urbanization is also a cause for environmental pollution. In fact, it is the quickest way to destroy the animal kingdom and harm human lives. The increase in population causes a surge the stipulation for in basic shelter, basic food and basic employment. For this reason, the world is experiencing huge deforestation in order to handle the demands of a growing population.

The Effect

Human beings and the actual animal have to negatively deal with environmental pollution. Even with gains and progress in science and technology, we have born the cost of remaining healthy. The flora and fauna that exist in the environment is also vulnerable to extinction. Yes, we achieved a lot in industrial civilization, but at whose expense?

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