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Understanding the Positive Effect of Eco-Friendly Choices


Why do you think that going green is important? The obvious reason is that it drives the global push for positive eco-friendly choices. It also has the incentive for conservation. However, if you don’t understand the real impact, let’s visit this right now for a better understanding.

Understanding the Impact

Some people are confused about what it means to ‘go green.’ People use this term incorrectly sometimes when making an effort to petition green consumers who are conscientious about supporting the environment. No one is clear about how the green term originated. Some think that it was a borrowed term from green politics that took place in the 1970s. No matter where the term originated, it is meant to put a succinct definition on renewable concept, environmentally friendly processes, sustainability, energy and products.

Why Go Green?

Why is it imperative and instrumental in going green? This is a complicated question that needs more than one answer. We have so many global environmental issues to consider, which affects the world’s population. It is not only the existing generation that is affected by this major crisis. However, it is a problem that will also be a challenge to future generations. Therefore, massive action has to be in place over the next few years.

Environmental Problems

Those individuals living on the planet are faced with the concern of keeping a safe environment. However, with toxins leaching from industrial factories and facilities around the world into rivers, oceans and streams, it is a difficult task. Aquatic and marine life has borne the brunt of it due to the contamination of ocean beds, marshlands and wetlands from poisonous chemicals. At one time, fresh water fish and seafood were a healthy source of food, but is in question due to the mercury and other lethal chemicals found in arbitrarily tested seafood and fish.

Your Responsibility

Each of us living on this planet called earth has a responsibility to our own environment. Yes, you can do something to create a green environment, leaving a carbon footprint that is much smaller than if you hadn’t done anything. Here are some things to consider:

  •    Choosing to buy a hybrid or energy efficient vehicle
  •    Use green building practices when constructing new foundation or doing home improvement
  •    Avoid using products containing chemicals and formaldehyde such as furniture, rugs and carpets. Substitute for green products instead
  •    Purchase or grow organic foods such as fruits, meats and vegetables
  •    Change chemically made products such as laundry and dish detergents to green products
  •    Go paperless
  •    Make an investment in sustainable and renewable energy
  •    Install compost toilets or flush toilets that use low-volume
  •    Use personal hygiene items with no chemicals


Many health problems are associated with pesticides. This includes contaminated seafood and fish, fruits and vegetables. Harmful pesticides are used by many farmers to kill insects found on fruits and vegetables that you buy. This has a long lasting health issue for human beings, especially young children. It is best to grow your own fruits and vegetables, but if not, buy organic foods.


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