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What is the Cost Effective Difference Between Electric and Gasoline Vehicles


The most evident difference between driving a gasoline vehicle and electric vehicle is that the electric vehicle has an electric engine and the gasoline vehicle uses fuel. You may see an electric vehicle and not realize that it is one because it looks like a normal vehicle that you are accustomed to. Sometimes, it will depend on the type of brand you select. Under the vehicle’s hood, you will see the real difference between the two.

The Combined Features

The most prominent feature of an electric vehicle is the battery. The motor and the controller combined with the battery makes for the perfect electric vehicle. The power is transferred to the controller from the battery and then the power is subsequently sent to the motor to start it up for driving. It is as simple as that.

Thomas Edison or Nikola Telsa

The DC or AC motors are applicable to electric vehicles – one is the direct current (DC) and the other the alternating current (AC). The alternating current is an innovation by Nikola Tesla. The direct current is an innovation by Thomas Edison. Both of these have a long and competitive past, background and history. The primary difference between the DC and AC motors is the voltage needed to get them going. The AC motor uses 240 volt and a 300 voltage battery pack. On the other hand, the DC motor uses between 92 and 192 volts. It is cheaper to get a DC motor than an AC motor. However, there are limitations to the cheaper one. It may experience overheating or inadequacy in its acceleration when you are in overdrive mode. It is easier to implement the AC motor into the vehicle and run on regenerative braking. With this, power can be delivered back to the battery as soon as the brake is pressed.

The Issues

If all of this is true, why isn’t everyone driving an electric vehicle? Well, the reason may be that there are still limitations that exist today. The batteries seem to be too heavy. In addition, the batteries take a long period of time to charge. The batteries are very expensive. You are not able to drive very far without having to stop and charge the battery.

The Technology

Many people think that the technology to make affordable and efficient vehicles already exists, but the auto companies still want the consumer to rely on gasoline. However, putting that aside, electric vehicles does come with their challenges and that is the battery power. Batteries that use lead acid (used in electric vehicles) have several huge flaws, which include its bulkiness, charge-ability, weight, cost and lifespan. With heavy batteries come heavier vehicles and lower efficiency and lower performance. So is there any truth to the cost effectiveness of electric cars over gasoline vehicles? That is the big question of the day. For some of those reasons, motorists are not attracted to electric cars.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in electric vehicles for the sole purpose of saving the environment and don’t mind recharging the battery at intervals, then this is the ideal choice. However, with a fast moving country like the United States, it is going to take consumers a little longer to show interest in anything else, but gasoline.


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